Business Plan Services

This service starts out by interviewing the client; thoroughly making sure his/her vision is understood. I will work with the client during this process to make sure the client has made a reasonable assessment of their project or idea (making sure that the plan or idea has been thought-out and reasonably feasible). If Mr. Hubbard finds that the client has done some reasonable background research and the project is feasible, he will then proceed further. The next stage would be to screen the client’s resources and options for funding the plan; asking and explaining about personal credit, business credit and collateral options; then if all is in order, the client is contracted and the project/business planning stage can begin.

Grant Writing Services

As I research matching grants and other grant resources as they become available; I will mail out (via U.S. or Electronic Mail) notifications to various clients and targeted

businesses in the Milwaukee area. Respondents that show interest will be assessed for eligibility. Related projects will be accessed; I will then explain how funds can be obtained.

Procedure Manuals

I will assist client in developing manuals needed to thoroughly document operations or develop an instructional manual as a procedural training tool for employees.

Proposal/Contracts for Request for Proposals (RFP’s)

I will continue to assist clients with preparing proposals needed to recruit vendor’s services or how submit RFP’s needed for bidding out their business services to potential clients; and establish contractual documents needed to contract these services with potential customers.

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