Business Growth

Organizational Development

Targeted at small to medium size businesses; these services can be utilized to assess problems that affect the bottom line of the business (i.e. customer service and marketing are two of the biggest problems in the community that eventually effects their bottom line). I will work with other focused consultants in resolving these types of issues through different avenues (i.e. employer sponsored team building seminars). Another aspect of this service is to provide training to the owner regarding recognizing the same internal problems as they arrive. For example, how to recognize employee theft and establishing checks and balances to prevent theft.

Financial & Office Management

There are two aspects of this service; one is to teach them how to evaluate the progress of their business through cash flow & financial statement analysis.
Evaluating every expense line items and vendor services to see where smarter expense decisions can be made to lower overhead without compromising the quality of product or services of the business owner.

Bookkeeping and Office Management

Business owners can be taught simple bookkeeping techniques, either software assisted or manually (depending on the size and type of business) and organize them in a manner that will be accurate and professional so that documents can be presented to their accountant or agencies. The service can also evaluate office management procedures for the client to make sure that all required records are being kept according to
professional, locale, state, and federal standards. Evaluation of the flow and processing of information can also be evaluated and redesigned for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Other business techniques will be taught regarding writing professional letters and other documents relating to office procedures.

Financial Statement Preparation

I can prepare financial statements for clients on a week-to-week, month-to-month, or annual basis. Financial statements are needed to analyze where the client’s business is financially. I will evaluate the clients spending and assess where spending could be decreased, how cash flow can be increased, etc.

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